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            2. Hebei will resume production and operation of medical equipment approval

                Numerous national policies, the medical device industry in China ushered in the heyday period of development, local governments have accelerated the pace of development of medical devices, and strive in the current situation of the development of this industry. Recently learned from Hebei Food and Drug Administration to expedite the implementation of a pharmaceutical industry structure adjustment and upgrading of Hebei Province, to strengthen the independent innovation, improvement and development of the industrial system of modern medicine, and comprehensively improve the competitiveness of regional development of pharmaceutical industry in Hebei Province, Hebei Province, decided to resume the opening of new medicines and medical equipment production ventures approval. The recovery of the approval, local instrumentarija home to save a lot of unnecessary trouble.
                It is understood that, in order to implement the provincial government in the province's efforts to improve the environment for development, efforts to improve the ecological environment in the spirit of the General Assembly to further optimize the development environment, and promote green development of the pharmaceutical industry. Hebei Province, to take effective measures to promote the start-up of an integrated enterprise scale, grade, offering small and medium-sized enterprises to professional development. With the pharmaceutical industry to accelerate the development and protection of the ecological environment, the development of circular economy, vigorously promote clean production, promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry to a green low-carbon direction.
                In addition, approval of new start-up enterprises, Hebei Province, municipal departments should conscientiously sum up the experience of the pre-screening and reorganization results. In particular, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of corporate mergers and acquisitions, through policy guidance and active service, encourage the advantages enterprises to implement cross-regional, cross-ownership mergers and acquisitions and joint reorganization; concentrate to promote varieties, technology, channels and other resources to the advantage of business; improve, extend the industrial chain. Fight before the end of the year, in small, scattered, low aspect breakthrough to promote the pharmaceutical industry bigger and stronger, so specialized, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industry.


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