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            2. Medical device industry, the rapid pace of development

                Relevant favorable policies continue, the health of the people and so became a growing awareness of the main factors of China's medical equipment industry continue to thrive. Shares spring breeze through the rapid development of the medical device industry, mold industry has also ushered in a new wave of development, and future prospects are also very impressive. According to the statistics show, China's mold in the field of medical equipment accounted for only 2% of the global share, medicines and medical equipment consumption ratio is only 2.5:1, while developed countries is 1:1; medical plastic per capita annual consumption cost of 300 U.S. dollars, while China is only 30 yuan, showing its development potential large.
                Medical plastic products 75% for injection molded parts, medical industry, the development of injection molding products more and more, are increasingly high requirements. Medical injection products can be broadly divided into the following categories: logistics categories, such as equipment tray; equipment category, such as a petri dish; health, such as fitness equipment; organ class, such as plastic joints; surgery, such as cervical hook; equipment, such as vaginal dilator; tests, such as cell culture vessel; detection, such as insulin measurement pen. Can be divided into two major categories of thermoset and thermoplastic polymer plastic molding, thermoplastic products.
                Medical plastic products will continue to become smaller and multifunctional change. Organ class, surgery, test class expansion of application fields of medical plastic products, miniaturization, precision rapid development of medical plastic products, will greatly reduce the patient's medical expenses. Complex integrated medical devices, such as inhalers, insulin measurement pen, complex and can accomplish a specific function (such as storage, atomization, and measurement) multiple precision parts assembled, with plastic structural The accuracy and the force between demanding.
                The continuous development of medical injection products, led to the injection molding application and development of new technologies. Multi-component mold assembly for injection molding technology will be applied in the medical plastic products. The mold assembly of many unique technologies and applications more innovative applications in the mold. Injection mold mold assembly home or blank, there are only stuck on some low value-added daily necessities of ordinary injection molding multi-color / multi-component injection molding, there is no forward step by step into the injection molding processing methods can not produce high-tech plastic products mold assembly areas, hindering the application of plastic products development and scientific and technological progress of the industry, while not high economic efficiency. Rapid injection mold financial lasers, materials science, information and control technology, such as one high-tech manufacturing technology, more and more widely in the medical industry in recent years, to meet the needs of the individual patient, a special rapid response to man-made plastic equipment. Reduce the time spent by the traditional injection molding method for manufacturing a few months to days. Chinese enterprises, research and development units of this technology is still relatively unfamiliar, coupled with rapid manufacturing system price is too high, this technology in China is still in the stage of start application.
                The medical device industry provides new market opportunities for the mold industry, but also put forward higher requirements for the mold industry. The medical device industry, the mold has a very strong relying on a lot of mold companies to get involved shows vitality, such as Zhejiang Beilun region-based motorcycle die-casting mold die casting plant is now in the medical device industry.


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