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            2. The formation of large orthopedic devices market just around the corner

                The formation of large orthopedic devices market just around the corner
                Aging population in Asia accounted for about half of the world's aging population, older people suffering from various bone and joint diseases, it is predicted that artificial joints, bone cement, artificial bone products and other orthopedic devices will become the medical device market in Asia new hot commodity.
                At present, in addition to Japan, South Korea and Singapore and other developed economies, the artificial bone and joint market in Asia has not really formed. The United States and other developed Western countries every year consume millions of artificial joints and other orthopedic devices and orthopedic equipment products. I believe that with the economic development of Asian countries in East Asia and some of the wealthy Southeast Asian countries is expected to become a new source of international artificial joints and orthopedic device market growth.
                Western economic analysts optimistic about the prospects for the development of the medical device market in Asia there is another, namely Vietnam and Indonesia had been Westerners as a new rise of the less developed countries. These two countries total population of nearly 300 million, and the rapid GDP growth rate between the two countries in the past few years. This laid the foundation for the two governments to increase national health expenditures. Both in Indonesia or Vietnam, the township level hospital's medical equipment configuration is not ideal. The two most populous country in Southeast Asia in rural hospitals can be configured B ultrasound, CT or high-resolution X-ray machines and other advanced medical equipment, medical equipment market in Asia each year than they are now at least 15% of the increase in sales.

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